Adding GRUB Splash Image

Dalam rangka belajar pake Linux dan keluarganya, kan boot loadernya pake GRUB, nah karena GRUB itu "cupu" (geek style gitu :P), setelah saya telusuri, eh ternyata bisa di tambahin gambar waktu milih OSnya :D

Howdy !
Right now i'd like to share about GRUB Splash image.
First off all, you need to install the grub-splash package

sudo apt-get install grub-splashimages

The package will give u a folder named splashimages in /boot/grub/ that filled with grub splash images (stored in /boot/grub/splashimages) that you might use.
To use the image, we need to link and update the grub. The command could be like this

cd /boot/grub
sudo ln -s splashimages/bike.xpm.gz splash.xpm.gz
sudo grub-update

With those commands, first you change to directory /boot/grub.
Then with super-user do command, you create a link to your desired image (bike.xpm.gz) located in splashimages folder. The link is splash.xpm.gz
Afterthat, you update the grub by sudo grub-update and install the change that you've added.
All done !

Using your own image

1. Choose your desired image. The image format is 640x480 in xpm file type.
Tips : open your desired image with GIMP.
Resize it to 640x480. Afterthat, you may desaturate,posterize,blur, or whatever you like just to make the image wont look bad when the GRUB load.

2. Next is to zip the image with gzip. Now you have yourimage.xpm.gz

3. Link to your zipped image OR this is another way.
Rename the image to splash.xpm.gz
Place it in /boot/grub
Edit make.lst
Add this syntax
# splashimage(hd0,0)/grub/splash.xpm.gz
(The syntax mean that the splashimage is /grub/splash.xpm.gz and stored in the first harddisk)
Save your work
4. Reboot and did see your new splash image ? :D

Thanks, CMIIW.


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