Facebook Smileys

Eh eh tau gak ? Ini post saya buat berhubung baru-baru aktif di facebook, hehe..
silahkan, repost ni :o sekedar berbagi aja kok :D

one of a good feature in Facebook (the current social networking trend in Indonesia) is the ChatBox.
It allow you to instantly chat between your online friends. Bored with those ordinary simple text ?
Try their emoticons !
Here, listed the emoticons that can be used in the ChatBox...
Enjoy ;)

(i don't provide any snap/pic here..
Try it by yourself !)

Instruction : Emoticon name - Emote command

Happy :)
Sad :(
Smiling/Showing teeth :D
Happy eyes ^_^
Wink ;)
Laughing/ xD >:o
Crying :'(
Cat Smile :3
Grumpy >:-(
Shocked :o
Glasses 8)
Black Glasses 8-|
Tounge :p
Kiss :-*
Love <3 Woot O.o Dork emote -__- Angel O:) Devil 3:) Duhh :/ Pacman :v Robot :|] Putnam(the facebook dev's face,people said) :putnam: And also, you can bold your word by typing it inside ** Example : *check* it will printed like this check

THat's all..
Emote yourself better than your friend !!

Resources : easyfreesmileys.com


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