Some hints in finding Hackthis BLX Codes

Hi there. Maybe it's my first post in English (because i'm hoping that this post will be indexed by google robot.. hehe)
Well just straight ahead, i'll give you some hints in finding the Basic Level X Codes at HackThis!! that i had found last holiday.
However, i hope that you find this post useful after you've been stuck for a day, week, or maybe a year :D
(in other word, please TRY to figure it out by yourself FIRST, then look at hints on forum/internet or this post)

Here you go (hope that i still remembered :D)

First of all, there are 4 codes, 3 in the main site and 1 in the forum. I'll give you hint from which one i found earlier (the easier i think).
All the codes will be in this format >> blx_code: something_meaningful

1. This code is.. what to say... hidden but not really hidden :p
1.1. In the main site, you'll always found it, but you can't notice it
1.2. It's something like finding a piece of black hair in the dark
1.3. Final hint, the code is hidden somewhat like this (highlight this word pleasee) (or you can also inspect the page)
1.3+ This trick can be done by Ctrl+A in the page or Ctrl+F then search for blx_code in the page source

2. This code is.. like the description before :p
2.1. Well to find it, you need to find the 'secret door' first
2.2. The 'secret door' is something related with the site creator/owner
2.3. This 'door' is located in the place where you can see the bio of the people, the levels that this people has completed and some 'not important' stuffs
2.4. It's related with an animal (i have no idea for describing this clue -__- )
2.4. Final hint, do the same trick like before, or inspect the page :D

3. This code is.. the special one :/
3.1. It's the one that located in the forum
3.2. It's in the feature where you can go from a place to another, you will notice it
3.3. Final hint, instead 'jump' into the blx place, inspect it carefully..

4. This code is.. Stealthy enough!
4.1. It's on the place where you can see your progress
4.2. It's a vegetarian (wtf!?)
4.3. It's hiding under something that will change along with your levels completion progress
4.4. Final hint, do the same old trick, highlight or inspect the page

If you have found all the four, congratulation that you've finished the basic level X!!
Make sure that you've also finished all the fun levels at HackThis!!

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning, hehe :)


Matt Conale said...

I couldnt find it :S

fog said...

I've only found one under_your_nose where are others i couldn't find needed..

m4l1h4ck3r said...

I have only 3 codes...
1. error
2. unser_your_nose
3. here_i_am

Danang PN said...

Well the site have been improved, 2 more codes were added and some codes earlier were moved somewhere else. You can't rely too much on these hints now, but the trick is almost the same. good luck :D

Majed RU said...

I couldn't find any of these codes. I need help, hints, clues, any thing.

Hamdi Akpınar said...

I have only 6 codes;


i need 1 code :(

Corbyn Buziek said...

how do you find these codes i dont get it

Unitron Trick said...

I was able to find only in_the_grass for now. Cant locate others at all

Unitron Trick said...

@Hamdi, any hints?

Taurean Lee said...

i need one more code

DJDavid said...

Have some direct code hints:

#1 - Visit any profile with a completion rate bigger than or equal to ~95%
#2 -
#3 -
#4 - (highlight the 404 text)
#5 - Use the Mozilla Firefox extension Tamper data on Basic Level 3.

That's all I was able to find.

Unknown said...

My question is more, what this code looks like. I'd like to find it on my own, but I don't have a clue, what I have to look for. Google doesn't help much in explaining what blx code actually is.

gagnam style said...

the code is : ed1f4bd0
go to : and u will see it ! ^^

gagnam style said...

Other code on : :6c8a08
u must surligned error 404 . or u can use Ctrl + A

gagnam style said...

third code : 091c989e
go on , take the code put in the java script , make an right click tik " logxmlhttp" and an hypertexte will show .
go on and search blx_ code on the page of the hypertexte :

Giorgi Burduli said...


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