Firefox Tweaking (Tambahan)

written at 9 PM in our 9 days holiday..
i'm trying to be as busy as possible (doing this, doing that, whatsoever)

Btw, Hey..!!
It’s the second part of Firefox Tweaking ..
Haha.. I dunno another good topic to share about..
Still in having some fun with Firefox, these time i’ll describe other preferences…

Note : some of these preferences maybe weren't set by default. Then, if you'd
like to use it, just add it. Value type will be writen inside ()

Note2 : it's boring.. don't take it seriously :)

How to apply these preferences ?
same as previous one, type about:config

accessibility.typeaheadfind.casesensitive (integer)
If set to 0, the search feature(Ctrl+F / Find) are not case sensitive.
If set to 1, it's case sensitive.

accessibility.typeaheadfind.timeout (integer)
sets the amount of time before the featured search box disappears from the screen when inactive.
The value is in milliseconds. (5000 = 5 sec)

alerts.totalOpenTime (integer)
It will determine how long (milliseconds) that the 'Download Complete' or 'Updates avaible' alert appears.
How bout reducing it ?

app.update.interval (integer)
If automatic update check is enabled, this setting determines how many seconds FFox will wait between checking for updates.
(the URL preference is in the app.update.url)
Default is 24 hours (86400 seconds).

browser.backspace.action (integer)
Determine what is the function of Backspace key. By default, it will goes back a page when pressed (value = 0)
if set to 1, it'll scroll up the page when pressed. If set above 2, it'll disabled.

browser.cache.memory.capacity (integer)
Seems that you need to modify this value. Determine whether FFox uses system RAM to cache data, of course improving performance.
If set to 0, it'll disable the feature, not recommended coz it'll slow down browsing.
Default value of -1, FFox will automatically determince the size of the cache based on your physical RAM.
(ex. FFox 3.0, 1 GB of RAM = 18 MB cache, 2GB = 2, n so on)
The -1 value is nice, however sometimes FFox increasing its memory usage (annoying). So, you need to restrict this value to a partical amount by entering a value in KB (ex. 18432 = 18 MB) (integer)
Determines how many miliseconds of delay before the Download Manager window opens at the start of a download.
Default is 0 (immediately). You can use high value like 3000 to avoid seeing the download manager windows for small file size download. (integer)
*New feature on FFox 3
Download Manager can pause and resume files which are being downloaded when FFox is closed.
Default is 0, that active download will be automatically paused when FFox closes, and resumed in nex t opens.
You may set to 1, forcing active downloads to pause, but no automatically resume, or set it to a value of 2 so that all active downloads will becancelled when FFox is closed. (integer)
*New feature on FFox 3
Determine the length of time (milliseconds) before a download is resumed after PC sleep/standby.
You can shorten the value if you have quick network connection or lengthen it to ensure the connection is active before FFox attempts to resume. (boolean)
*New feature on FFox 3
Completed download will trigger an automatic scan of download using your antivirus resident shield. However, this will add some times in finalizing a download. (sucks for large file)
Set this to False if you wish to skip it. Recommended True, because many files in internet can't be trusted.

browser.fullscreen.autohide (boolean)
*New feature on FFox 3
Set to true if you want to hide toolbars and tab bar if you activated the fullscreen mode.
If set to False, they won't become hidden. (boolean)
*New feature on FFox 3
if set to True, the result of searches in Search Box will be opened in a new tab.
if set to False(default), the result of searches will be displayed in current window.

browser.fixup.alternate.enabled (boolean)
Default is true. It will fix the prefix or suffix of typed web address in the Address Bar.
the browser will autimatically add a http://www. before the web address

browser.urlbar.maxRichResults (integer)
*New feature on FFox 3
Determines the maximum number of results shown in FFox 3's new Awesome Bar.
The default is 12, 0 to disable.

browser.zoom.siteSpecific (boolean)
*New feature on FFox 3
With FFox 3's new full page zooming capability, this'll determine whether you zoomed in/out view applies to an entire set (True value, set by default) or applies to the currently viewed page (set to False).

extensions.checkUpdateSecurity (boolean)
*New feature on FFox 3
If set to False, any add-on without meeting Firefox's new seucrity requirements can be installed.
Not recommended to set False (it's True by default)

extensions.dss.enabled (boolean)
If set to True, enables Dynamic Skin Switching (DDS), so that you can change theme without restarting the FFox.
This is handy, but quite buggy. Sometimes you'll meet glithces in themes set.

zoom.maxPercent (integer)
*New feature on FFox 3
Determine the maximum percentage by which a page can be zoomed in using FFox 3's new full page zooming feature.
Default is 300%. Can be set more

that's enough
i'm so sleepy...
thanks and CMIIW

**Happy Holidays** ;)

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