Securing Your Account

hola !!
it's me again, for another sharing article ^^
this time, i'd like to write about several points that can be used to securing our account..
it's about password...
enjoy :)

1. First of all, you need to make a password that build from 8 or more.. Eight is short enough to remember. However, longer you had, harder the password will be cracked
2. Try to make a combination consist of lowercase,uppercase,number(alphanumeric)..ex : let's say that you'd like to store 'akihito' as your password (without those quotes)
it'll be better if 'akihito' changed to 'aK1h1T0' or anything else..
(for freak)you may also use the extended ASCII character (symbols) like Ý█╕└ and many more. How? use numlock, hold alt then press a combination of number in the numpad (unfortunately, not at all system allowed you to use the extended ASCII)
else, use the password generator...
be creative on your password :)
3. Don't use a simple password combination, such as your name,birthday,boy/girlfriend's name,pet's name, lazy combination like 'abcdef' or '12345' or 'qwerty'. These can be easily cracked. How about making a meaningless password with combination like the point 2, that can't be found in dictionary...
4. Don't try to put a password reminder in a piece of white sheet. a 3 years old child still can found your password there :p
5. Don't use a default password (the same password for every accounts) You know what i mean, right :)
6. Don't use an exact word for the recovery question. Don't care about that ! If you like, fill it with ')p21wN9it{>p$' or another sh*t :p
7. For you that don't like remembering a hard combination, how about using a password manager.. (like KeePass)
8. Try to change your password eventually. Not everyday, maybe every two or three weeks..
9. The last one, NEVER TRUST ANYBODY.. Telling your password is just a big mistake ! People said : "Trust is a weakness"

Allright, that's all..
stay aware !
Forgive me for all bad english and mistakes.. :)

Reference :
Zoiz Web Blog


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